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Market study Thailand: Decentralized power supply – hydrogen and fuel cell technology on islands

Thailand currently drafts a blueprint for a largely greenhouse gas-neutral future. The Thai government also announced Thailand’s aim to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, and net zero greenhouse gas emissions by or before 2065 to urgently tackle the issue, as Thailand is one of the top ten countries in the world most affected by climate change. Green hydrogen can represent an important building block for the decarbonisation of Thailand.

In combination with solar PV-based micro grids on remote islands, green hydrogen can supplement the renewable energy supply as an alternative to diesel generators. Thailand is home to around 1,000 islands, more than 200 of which are inhabited. Currently, there are no funding programs to support the replacement of diesel generators. However, micro grids are a solution that can be introduced to remote islands. A first lighthouse project was created on the island of Koh Jik (Chantaburi province).

The market study aims to identify the potential for possible applications of technologies in the field of green hydrogen on off-grid islands in Thailand and examines how the production can improve the sustainability of the energy supply as well as the decarbonisation in the kingdom. Active project scouting will focus on islands with hotel complexes and resorts.


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