Mechatronics Textbook

Mechatronics textbook is geared toward the professional needs of mechatronic technicians.


Item type Textbook
Language Thai
Publication date December 2021
Publisher German-Thai Chamber of Commerce
ISBN 978-3-8085-4529-4
Page 678
Price THB 740


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It has all of the necessary materials across all learning domains and courses and it contains content required for Industry 4.0.

Mechatronics  is the Thai translation of the Fachkunde Mechatronik textbook published by the Europa-Lehrmittel publishing company in German in 2019. The translation has been done by a KMUTNB team of experts.  

Mechatronics  is one of Thailand’s most comprehensive mechatronics textbooks which can be used for efficient teaching and learning management, suitable for students both at the vocational level and university level especially those who work in the mechatronics industry. It includes basic and advanced concepts in metal technology, electrical engineering, electronics, and information processing.

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