International Hydrogen Ramp-Up Programme "H2Uppp"

Implemented by The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC).

Credit content: GIZ Office Bangkok


Thailand has set itself ambitious climate goals to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and to accelerate the country’s energy transition. Apart from long-term sector planning and target setting, decision-makers have acknowledged the need to enable a fast development of innovative energy solutions such as Hydrogen (H2) and want to position the country at the forefront of the energy transition in Southeast Asia. Thai public institutions and business stakeholders have created structures to facilitate public-private dialogue, conducted initial studies and carried out pilot projects to explore green H2 use cases in a variety of sectors. However, a lot remains to be done to provide a sound knowledge and understanding of Thailand’s market opportunities and to steer its development. This awareness will be essential to equip both Thai and German stakeholders with skills regarding green hydrogen production, storage and use to set up a framework conducive to both innovation and investments that will support green hydrogen (H2) and Power-to-X (PtX) market development.



H2Uppp promotes green H2/ PtX projects in developing and emerging (ODA) countries with the main objective to further develop markets for green H2/ PtX technologies through on-site cooperation. With the expertise from German and European companies, the programme will provide market expertise for green H2 in relevant sectors, mobilising company networks, provision of know-how for market exploration and market entry. The overall goal of the project is to support the development of H2/ PtX markets, strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of the private sector in related industries and to enable knowledge transfer around green H2/ PtX to private and public sector stakeholders in the region.



H2Uppp will be implemented hand in hand with the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC). The project will support the policy and market development for green H2 and Power-to-X through studies and training as well as through the identification and initiation of public private partnerships (PPP) and projects, as well as the promotion and dissemination of knowledge through training and identification and connection of local and international H2 specialists, in particular vis-à-vis the German private sector. This will include market analyses, organisation of business roundtables and conferences.



German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK)



Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia



Phrase I: 01/2022 – 03/2024



Mr. Tim Nees

Project Manager, GIZ Office Bangkok



Mr. Marius Mehner

Deputy Executive Director, German-Thai Chamber of Comemrce