German-Thai Dual Excellence Education

German-Thai Dual Excellence Edcation (GTDEE) is vocational education and training programme in which apprentices work and study during the given period. It is also well-known as the apprenticeship programme.

In 2013, German-Thai Chamber of Commerce and German International Cooperation (GIZ) launched, in co-operation with founding companies B.Grimm, BMW Thailand Company Limited and Robert Bosch Thailand, these dual vocational education and training (DVET) programme for Thailand. The main objective of the apprenticeship programme is to produce skilled workforce with flexible qualifications who are mobile and capable of working in their chosen fields. GTDEE intends to share best practices from Germany’s vocational education system.

The DVET Concept

Teaching of knowledge, skills and competences needed for an occupation is based on the typical requirements of work and business processes and prepares the apprentices for a specific job. The provided trainings are taking place within a company and a vocational college. The concept divides the training period into two parts: 70% at the company and 30% in a college. In the company, apprentices acquire practical skills in a real working environment. Joined apprentices attend part-time at partner vocational college where they are taught fundamental and vocational knowledge related to their training occupation. The German DVET concept is remarkable successful and has been adopted in many countries all over the world, included Thailand.

Meets Company’s Approval

GTDEE acts as the centre, providing joining companies and colleges with all types of required support throughout the programme. Our collaboration is based on curricula and a general training plan, which are directly linked to each other. On the basis of this ordinance in DVET, GTDEE has brought the PAL examination to Thailand. PAL is the development Centre and examination questions for technical vocational professions in Germany. Apprentices need to acquire all job-relevant qualifications to graduate with a GTCC Certificate which provides a premium standard from Germany. With this certificate apprentices will become highly-skilled professionals that companies are seeking for.

Benefits of the Programme

The GTDEE apprenticeship programme is a great advantage for companies, as they are reliant upon well-trained and qualified young professionals.

Company Benefits:
1. Industry-real syllabus taught in a vocational college
2. Reduction of costs for continuous trainings
3. Increased employee retention
4. Apprentices receive demand-based training specific to perform better and grow within your company
5. Proven track record of high German standards in specialized training with a long tradition in Germany

Student Benefits:
1. Market-relevant and diversified training improving their opportunities in the labour market
2. Acquisition of social skills within the real-life environment

Society Benefits:
1. Low youth unemployment rate
2. Manufacturing sector remains significant and powerful
3. Contribution from the private sector eases the burden on public fundings 

Offered Professions

  • Electronics Technician for Industrial Engineering
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Machine and Plant Operator
  • Mechatronics
  • Motor Vehicle Mechatronics Technician (Automotive Mechatronics)
  • Motor Vehicle Mechatronics Technician (Motorcycle Mechanic)
  • Production Technologist
  • Warehouse Logistics Operator

Previously offered Professions

  • Electrician
  • Agriculturist specialized in Sugar Cane
  • Mechanics for Agricultural and Construction Machinery

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