Thank you to all participants for attending Baden-Württemberg Forum Bangkok. Please find below the downloads of the presentations:



Ms. Duangjai Asawachintachit

Thailand Board of Investment (BOI)

Thailand-Automotive Hub of ASEAN

Mr. Ron Varun Lowe

The Federation of Thai Indusrtries (F.T.I.)

Latest Developments within the Production Engineering Sector in Thailand

Round Table

Mrs. Tasana Priyaprut

Thailand Automotive Institute

Thailand Industrial Development Masterplan and its Implications for the Thai Automotive Industry in the Light of AEC 2015

Asst. Prof. Dr. Yossapong Laoonual

Thai Society of  Mechanical Engineers

Challenge of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Programme in Thailand to Support Thailand's Automotive Industry

Site Visit on 29.04.2014

Summit Auto Body Co., Ltd.


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