Pattana Golf Club and Resort introduces Kids to Triathlon


Swimming, Biking and running Strong focus on proper nutrition and safety. Be healthy active and fun!

28-29 July 2018 at Pattana Golf Club

The primary goal of there programs is to encourage kids to do something healthy ans active with their friends. Every finisher gains a huge sense of accomplishment, and every one involved experienced a tremendous amount of pride.

Swimming session includes:
Open water swimming technique, navigation and triathlon starts followed by practical sessions in the clear waters

Biking session includes: Safety on the bike, wearing of helmets, navigation around an obstacle course, bike skills plus correct seat heights and tire pressures.

Running session includes: Get the right shoes, warm up and cool down, learn proper body form Breathing technique etc.

1.5 Days Program
7 to 14 years-old
4,500 THB per/person (Including accommodation, 1breakfast, 1lunch, 3 breaks)

Group Booking: Receive 10% off group training courses (minimum 4 persons per group)

For more information or for booking, please contact: +66(38) 318 999 ext. 61015 / 11212

Patcharaporn Korbuakesorn
Head of Membership, Events & Communication

+66 (0) 2-055-0620