Le Méridien Bangkok marks 10 benchmark-setting years with a festival of everything it excels in – Unlocking Bangkok through Art, Culture, and Cuisine

Achieving double figures is cause for considerable celebration when the hotel in question is Le Méridien Bangkok.

In achieving the Le Méridien Brand Promise to Unlock the Destination through Art, Culture and Cuisine, the deluxe central business district retreat has showered the city with breath-taking art exhibition showcases, original musical turns, and irresistible culinary and beverage concepts, in addition to smoothly dovetailing its hospitality offerings with contemporary consumer expectations and aspirations.

It has also unfolded its continuous Le Méridien Brand Program to offer guests inspiring and memorable experiences in some style. Think Arrival Art, Coffee Culture, Signature Éclairs, Sparkling Program,

La Dolce Vita Sweet Life Dining, and music by Nouvelle Vague, to name a few.

Now, with the actual anniversary fast-approaching on 19 December 2018, Le Méridien Bangkok is delighted to announce a slew of new art, dining and social media events and activities activated in the hotel. On the dining side, they include the continued evolution of La Dolce Vita Lifestyle Buffet at Latest Recipe, Coffee Culture at Latitude 13, and Sparkling Program at Bamboo Chic Bar.

As for art expressions, the celebrations include a special partnership with four distinguished Le Méridien’s artists, dubbed “#LMBKKJourneyTo10 Art Celebration”. The four-week exhibition will take place, as usual, in the hotel’s gallery-like lobby from Wednesday 19 December 2018 till Saturday 19 January 2019. Art lovers will be rewarded with three art showcases by four artists: 1) Gita Ozolina and Anete IImete (Le Méridien Brand’s VDO Art Artist); 2) Chutima Treearayapong (Le Méridien Brand’s VDO Art Artist), and; 3) Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch (Le Méridien Bangkok’s Arrival Art Artist).

Art showcase 1 by Gita Ozolina and Anete IImete will feature “The Art of ‘La Dolce Vita”, the concept embraced by Le Méridien Bangkok Executive Chef Marco Cammarata for the Latest Recipe buffets celebrating everything Mediterranean “From Nice to Portofino”. “La Dolce Vita” (The Sweet Life) was coined by legendary Italian auteur Fellini in a 1960 movie (iconic scene: dancing in Trevi fountain) which also minted the term “paparazzi”. Translated to plate, it’s all about delivering pleasure at leisure, relating the Mediterranean culture of socializing around the dining table for hours amid stunning scenery.

Gita and Anete are two Latvian, full-time travelers and creators of travel blog “TheTravelLeaf.com”. Their mission is to experience every country in the world, all 197 of them. So far they have lived in places like South Korea, Bali, France, Los Angeles, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

In 2018, Gita and Anete were selected as one of the artists for Le Méridien’s Follow Me VDO Art Program, in which their pictures and videos, shot from Europe – especially the French Riviera, are featured in Le Méridien Hubs all over the world.

For the art showcase “#LMBKKJourneyTo10 Art Exhibition”, they present a collection of 13 pictures they shot in Europe, including the French Riviera, which also feature in Le Méridien’s Follow Me VDO Art Program. The showcase therefore combines the Dolce Vita theme about the European lifestyle with Le Méridien’s global reach.

Art Showcase 2, by Chutima Treearayapong takes “Bangkok Unlocked” as its theme. After Chutima graduated from Silpakorn, Thailand’s top arts university, she immediately set about exploring the world with her camera. She lives to travel to places she’s never been before, connect with people she’s never met before, and record everything through her lens. She’s since founded the wheredowego.in.th website and “Where Do We Go” Facebook page which has 329K followers. Through the platforms she shares her 60 trips to-date in ways that inspire her burgeoning following.

This year, 2018, Chutima was selected as one of the artists for Le Méridien’s Follow Me VDO Art Program whereby her pictures and videos are featured in Le Méridien Hubs all over the world.

The theme embraces Le Méridien Bangkok’s core missions: to unlock Bangkok as a destination, revealing more of its mystery and beauty to guests from all over the world in ways that are chic, cosmopolitan, artful and rich in culture and cuisine

The stunning subjects for Chutima’s showcase range from Wat Pho to Le Méridien Bangkok, homing in on the hotel’s strong Coffee Culture and Signature Éclairs program.

Art Showcase 3 by Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch is titled “The Reflections of I-Jud”. Wasinburee is a talented and determined artist from Thailand’s Ratchaburi province. His passion is to upgrade Ratchaburi from a somewhat overlooked province to an upcoming art destination. To make his case he’s created a massive “I-Jud” sculpture standing 3-metres-high which has been shown at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center and all around Thailand and abroad. The piece eloquently symbolizes an artful journey that leaves lasting impressions on many communities.

Wasinburee has created a box of mirrors installed with I-Jud, making a statement that “Art is everywhere so people can enjoy it to fulfill their sweet life”. Le Méridien Bangkok is delighted to have the opportunity to support Wasinburee’s work in a way consistent with the brand’s own passion for art. This entails installing it right in front of our hotel as an exemplary “Arrival Artwork”, the first artwork that greets guests when they enter the hotel, setting the whole tone for their stay or meal.

And that’s not all. #LMBKKJourneyTo10 Art Celebration rolls on with #LMBKKJourneyTo10 Social Media Campaign, a 10-week countdown to the hotel’s anniversary on Facebook and Instagram with games and giveaways as a means of thanking the hotel’s loyal followers and customers for their irreplaceable contributions to the hotel’s success.

Last not least, Club Marriott Thailand Members only can enjoy 10 exclusive offers, including food + beverage, SPA and room discounts on their next inspiring experience at Le Méridien Bangkok, throughout December 2018 – January 2019.

For more information, please contact 02 232 8888 or dining.lmbkk@lemeridien.com

Patcharaporn Korbuakesorn
Head of Membership, Events & Communication

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