GTCC represented Trade Fairs

Germany is the world's number one location for international trade fairs. Subsequently, an overview about GTCC represented trade fairs is given.

Germany is the world-wide leader when it comes to international trade fairs. 2 out of 3 globally leading trade fairs take place here. Every year some 150 international trade fairs and exhibitions are held, with more than 160,000 exhibitors and nine to ten million visitors. The tight network of regional events form an essential addition, making Germany to a unique Trade Fair Centre.

There are more than 22 exhibition grounds available, providing some 2.72 million sqm of internal floor space. Three of the five biggest exhibition grounds in the world are located in Germany.

Both, its outstanding internationality as well as the intensive and trustful cooperation between organizers, exhibitors and visitors are some of Germany's main locational advantages. Another plus is the country's easy reachability, located in the very centre of Europe. All the exhibition grounds provide splendid transport connections and sophisticated infrastructure.

Trade Fair Representation

The German-Thai Chamber of Commerce is the official representative of leading German Trade Fair Companies with a splendid reputation all over the world:

Moreover, the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce acts as connecting link between Thailand and events in Asia, which are organized by German Trade Fair Companies.


As representative the German-Thai Chamber Of Commerce offers a wide range of services for Thai companies, in order to ensure a smooth and successful participation in German Trade Fairs:

  • Information on all trade fairs and events
  • Support when planning a trade fair project in Germany
  • Support for successful trade fair participation in Germany or abroad
  • Registration aid
  • Advice on exhibit transport
  • Consulting service regarding construction and decoration of exhibition stands
  • Help to find accommodation
  • Travel support
  • Organisation of trade fair visits, optional visits to companies in Germany and Europe

The German-Thai Chamber Of Commerce provides visitors with discounted admission tickets, exhibition catalogues and application forms for free visas. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Trade Fairs in Germany