KFW Bankengruppe – a competent partner for your international business

For 55 years DEG, a subsidiary of KfW, has been a reliable partner to private-sector companies operating in developing and emerging countries. They provide them with long-term financing and promotional programmes and advise them as they implement their investments. They can thus develop successfully and sustainably while generating local added value and creating qualified jobs. As a development finance institution, they deliberately enter difficult markets as well and promote private sector expansion there.

They develop Solutions for our Customers

They provide companies with long-term investment capital in the form of loans or equity, which is often difficult to obtain in developing countries. KFW-DEG advise and accompany their customers continue to help them design their investment and company professionally, efficiently and sustainably. Their “Business Support Services” and range of promotional programmes also contribute to lasting entrepreneurial success.

Their customers are

  • companies from industry, agriculture and services;
  • private infrastructure companies in the energy, transport, utilities and telecommunications sectors;
  • financial institutions and funds that provide small and medium-sized enterprises with reliable access to debt and equity financing.

Customers are based in developing and emerging countries, Germany and other industrialised nations.

Their Commitment has a lasting Impact locally

They pay particular attention to ensuring that their investments generate positive development impacts in their partner countries. With their solutions, they ensure their customers can open up new markets and compete successfully. In doing so, they create qualified jobs and income and contribute to the local added value and economic development on the ground.

In addition, many of their customers take on wide-ranging responsibility (corporate social responsibility). They pay above-average wages, provide insurance coverage and set up nurseries and health centres. Their involvement often benefits their own staff and families, in addition to the people in the surrounding communities.

We establish international environmental, social and corporate governance standards

With our involvement, we are actively working to establish and disseminate international environmental, social and corporate governance standards. We carry out careful environmental and social audits and provide intensive support to companies in the implementation of contractually agreed action plans. This task is undertaken by a team of DEG’s own experienced specialists, supported by outside experts.

They observe

  • the IFC Performance Standards – the standard for the private sector;
  • the "Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines" of the World Bank Group; and
  • the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The entire KfW Group and thus also DEG have committed themselves to actively respecting and protecting human rights by signing the Declaration of Human Rights of the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.

An exclusion list defines the areas in which they do not operate on principle.