CIM Returning Experts

CIM Returning Experts – global bridge-builders

Does your company need experts with international work experience? The Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) can help meet your human resources requirements. Many migrants complete training or a degree course in Germany or gain professional experience with German employers. Why not use their knowledge and contacts to benefit your company?

On behalf of the German Government, CIM advises and supports well trained experts who are seeking to return to their country of origin and arranges placements for them. We thus support migrants by ensuring that their potential is used appropriately at the local level. This in turn means that CIM can help your company meet its need for experts. 

Our services

  • Staff recruitment
  • Provision of professional support for migrants through information and advice
  • Financial support for migrants for up to two years

The benefits for you

  • We can quickly and efficiently place competent experts who possess German expertise and intercultural know-how.
  • You can deploy the expert in sensitive areas in which a German or European expert would not be accepted.
  • A returning expert gives your company access to international networks.
  • The deployment of your returning expert strengthens the economic development of the partner country and the local labour market – which is also in the interest of your company.

Further information

A brief overview containing key information, for example on the conditions governing the appointment of a returning expert, is available on our website and can be downloaded as a flyer and factsheet.