Time2Lubrify Lubrication plans on the smart phone or tablet


Breweries and beverage plants all over the world are looking for complete-range suppliers, to avoid interfaces. This does not only apply to machinery and complete bottling lines but also to all consumables that assure reliable functioning of these machineries and bottling lines. Products have to be adapted to match the machines and lines exactly, targeting a highly efficient machinery and bottling line performance.

One important factor to reach a high efficiency of machines and complete lines is lubrication. When all gear units, chains and bearings in a machine are properly lubricated, this will provide multiple benefits for the line owner concerned because lubricants reduce friction, thus making for a significantly longer lifetime of the components involved. What’s more, a smoothly running line naturally enough performs significantly better.

Getting straight to the (lubrication) point

KIC Krones is now revolutionising the world of lubrication plans. This is because instead of printouts, the company has opted for an app solution that reduces the workload quite substantially: Time2Lubrify knows exactly when and where the next lubrication routine is due – and can be relied upon to remind the operators in each case using a push function.

Navigation has been designed for intuitive operator control, guiding the employee directly to the lubrication points involved via the various systems and machines. A RAG display shows precisely whether the point in question must be lubricated today (red), tomorrow (amber) or in the near future (green). The operator can also use a filter to sort the individual lubrication points by urgency.

Flexible system variants

Time2Lubrify is very flexible in adapting to each line owner’s specific needs. There are two system variants:

1.    Incorporation of all Krones machines by KIC Krones

2.    Providing the system architecture for the client to enter his complete array of machinery himself

On request, KIC Krones will join forces with the customer to incorporate his entire line – irrespective of whether it consists of Krones machines or third-party kit.

Precisely matched to the line concerned

As part of the Krones Group, KIC Krones is from the development stage already involved in creating new products and design-enhancing the existing range. So the experts concerned are thoroughly familiar with both the relevant consumables and with Krones’ machinery portfolio, which means the recommendations for consumables and their modes of application are precisely matched to the line in question. KIC Krones thus possesses the requisite expertise for products, machines and applications.

Time2Lubrify …

- provides an overview of all upcoming lubrication routines and of all lubrication points in a line.
- also images the entire line on request.
- uses a push function to dependably remind the operators of all upcoming deadlines.
- offers space for the operators’ own instructional photos.

Greases and oils for every step in the production sequence

KIC Krones offers lubricants for every area of the machine:

- Lubricating oils
- Lubricating greases
- Lubricating sprays
- Lubricators

All products available have been NSF-H-1-registered, and are thus suitable for unintentional contact with foods and beverages.

You will find more information on the lubricants offered by KIC Krones under www.kic-krones.com


Fig.: KIC-Krones-Time2Lubrify, iPad.jpg
With Time2Lubrify, KIC Krones provides an overview of upcoming lubrication routines and lubrication points.

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