Assembly & Automotion Technology 2018


Assembly & Automation Technology: An Engine to Drive Thai Industry's Transformation

According to recent news, many branches of a major bank have been closed down due to the advent of mobile banking and its increasing popularity*. Without a doubt, this is the result of an unavoidable technological change that comes to overhaul the way we operate and perform tasks on a daily basis. As for industrial sector, more and more companies are adopting automation in order to minimize manufacturing errors and costs as well as tackle the labor shortage issue. Industrial transformation is undeniably inevitable; it is on the way to Thai industrial sector, and industrialists desiring sustainable growth should keep abreast of the upcoming trend.

We would like to be one of the key elements to spark the transformation of Thai industries. Thus, “The 16th Edition of Assembly & Automation Technology,” ASEAN’s Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Industrial Automation Systems & Solutions and Assembly Technology, is coming back again to propel the business success to all participants by supporting business expansion in ASEAN’s emerging markets, helping you acquire the latest know-how and technologies, as well as providing you with a chance to meet over 76,000 quality buyers from various countries; our show will comprise such necessities to be an engine to drive your prosperity.


* “Assembly & Automation Technology” is a part of “Manufacturing Expo,” ASEAN’s leading machinery and technology event for manufacturing and supporting industries, which internal events serving 6 different sectors: “InterPlas Thailand,” for plastic parts and packaging manufacturing; “InterMold Thailand,” for mold manufacturing and maintenance; “Automotive Manufacturing,” for whole automotive body parts manufacturing; “Surface & Coatings,” for surface treatment and coating preparation; “Assembly & Automation Technology,” for automation and assembling system; “NEPCON Thailand,” an exhibition for electronics parts manufacturing; and “Mfair,” Business Matching Platform for Automotive and Electronics Part Manufactures in Asia.

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