Business with Thailand - General Information

With a size of approximately 514,000 square kilometers, the kingdom of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, surrounded by the following countries:

  • Myanmar
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia

In 2014, about 67.22 million people lived in Thailand. The capital and biggest city is Bangkok with about 10 million inhabitants.

About 50.6% of the population is female; 75% are Thai descent, while 14% are Chinese and 3% Malay descent. The vast majority of the Thai people share Buddhist beliefs (94%).

The official language is Thai, which shares similarities with the language of Laos. For that reason, Thai can usually understand people from Laos and communicate with them. However, this is only the case with Laos. The languages of the other Southeast Asian countries differ from Thai.

In most major companies, especially foreign ones, English is the common language.

There is a direct access to the Pacific Ocean (Gulf of Thailand), as well as to the Indian Ocean (Andaman Sea). The Pacific side has a coast length of 1,840 kilometers and the Indian coast side 865 kilometers, which equals a total coast length of 2,705 kilometers.

The Kingdom of Thailand is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary type of government. The prime minister is Thailand's head of government.

The Thai Baht (THB) is Thailand's official currency. At the current date, the official rate is 37,41 THB for 1 Euro (16/07/2015).

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