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Reject populism and credit growth, promote competitiveness

The chairman of the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) wants the country to adopt a new economic development model, rejecting "populism... mehr


Economy likely to take a hit because of political turmoil

THE ONGOING political turmoil is expected to impact the country's gross domestic product (GDP) this year, with the initial year-end estimate of 3.7... mehr


BMBF fördert die "Implementierung von Systemelementen der dualen Berufsausbildung nach deutschem Vorbild" an 11 AHK-Standorten

Seit dem 1. Oktober 2013 ist es amtlich: Das BMBF fördert 11 AHKs weltweit für zwei Jahre zur "Implementierung von Systemelementen der dualen... mehr


'Thai economy can weather row but external factors still risks'

The World Bank expects the Thai economy to cope with the local political developments, while risks remain for this and other East Asian countries,... mehr


Why not Thailand?

This country has what it takes to be a major player in Asia, says Google's former CEO, but not without an Internet that looks more like the rest of... mehr


Germans 'keen to invest' in Thailand

German enterprises in Thailand said they are keen to invest and expand their businesses in this country, especially to take part in the Bt2-trillion... mehr

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