Thai-German Forum on Energy Efficiency in Thai Industries

Thank you to all participants for attending the Thai-German Forum on Energy Efficiency in Thai Industries on October 16, 2012. Please find below the downloads of all the presentations.

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Opening Session: Energy Efficiency in Thailand and Germany – the Status Quo

Sirinthorn Vongsoasup, DEDE:

Energy Efficiency Projects and Policies in Thailand: Industries, Framework Conditions, and Future Relevance

Torsten Fritsche, GIZ:

The German Energy Efficiency Sector Development: Regulatory Framework Conditions and Lessons Learnt

Knowing the Target: Energy Management and Monitoring

Stefan Heuer, TÜV Rheinland Thailand Ltd.:

From Energy Monitoring to Energy Management and Energy Savings

Thomas Frank, Envidatec GmbH:

Implementing Energy Management Systems in Thailand: Requirements and Experiences

High Demand and Higher Potentials: Iron and Steel, Petrochemicals, Food Industry

Padungsak U-Nontakarn, Bright Management Consulting Co., Ltd.:

Analysis of Energy Efficiency Potential in Thai Industries

Christian Daniel, INTEC Engineering GmbH:

Efficient Industry Heating and Heat Recovery Technology

Klaus Läpple, WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH:

Energy Saving and Low NOx Combustion Systems for Industrial Furnaces

Bernd Knebel, Maxxtec AG:

Exhaust Heat Recovery Systems and ORC-Technology

Felix Seibl, ZVEI – German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers‘ Association:

Energy Efficiency Through Process Automation: Effects Through Application in Different Subsectors

Energy Demand Reduction through Efficient Water Treatment

Jan-Peter Säck, SOWARLA GmbH:

From Research Project to Spinoff Company: Solar Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wolfgang Kraus, Autarcon GmbH:

Energy Efficient Decentralized Drinking Water Supply

Support Mechanisms for Implementing Efficiency Measures in Thailand

Arthit Vechakij, Excellent Energy International Co., Ltd.:

ESCO Development in Thailand

Mek Meksarikul, The KASIKORNBANK Public Co., Ltd.:

Financial Support for Energy Efficiency Measures in Thailand

Marius Mehner
Deputy Executive Director


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