Where there’s smoke, there’s flavour!



Bringing the hottest food trend to The District Grill Room & Bar 1-31 October 2017.

Bangkok, Thailand – Invitation to all the barbeque hounds, come and taste the succulence of smoked dishes with various choices of wood and meats.

Flavouring the meat by smoke from the combustion of different materials such as hard wood, nut or fruit – leaves the lasting luscious flavour in the meat and definitely, in the mouth. We carefully handpick the most popular hard wood and fruit to give you the most unique and complete dining experience.

Providing the earthy, sweet, yet spicy taste, Mesquite creates the mouth-watering sensation for short-time cooked meat and adds a pungently strong flavour to your cut. Preferring milder options, we offer Hickory, Oak, Apple and Ash, guaranteed to hit the spot. While Hickory lends the bacon-like sweet taste to the meat, especially to lamp and beef, Oak is more particularly gentle and combined perfectly well with both red meat and seafood. Blended well with all kind of meat, you can choose the heartier choice of Apple smoke to enjoy the dense, sweet fruity taste or try the Ash smoke for its light, distinctive but tasty flavour on the juicy meat.

Allow us to introduce the uniqueness of each smoke on various cuts; lamb, beef, prawn and cheese, to you in person from 1-31 October 2017 at The District Grill Room and Bar, located on the 2nd floor at Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit.

We open daily for dinner from 5:00pm – 11:00pm and every Sunday from 11:30am-3:00pm for Sunday Brunch. For reservations and enquiries, please call 02 797 0000.

Patcharaporn Korbuakesorn
Head of Membership, Events & Communication

+66 (0) 2-055-0620