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The Ministry of Finance (MOF) will launch a set of stimulus measures later this year, aiming to boost Thai economic growth higher than the target for... more


Siemens seeks edge in digitalisation

AS CONSUMERS become more conscious about healthy diets and are willing to pay more for nutritious food and drinks, digitalisation is playing a key... more


Banks mull AI interaction with clients within 3 years

IN THE NEXT stage of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption, banks will use AI to help understand the intentions and emotions of customers and enable... more


Charging up the EV market

State support for electric vehicle production has grown, but price and charging stations still hamper development.


Powering the future of healthcare: Adapting to telemedicine

We are now moving to the second half of our series on healthcare. In the first four articles we provided an overview of the significance of...


Edged out by automation

The crucial need to upgrade skill sets is sweeping across the region, driven by the adoption of technologies that may leave half of the workforce...


The Madrid Protocol: A big leap in international trademark cooperation

On Nov 7 this year, Thailand will officially become the 99th member of the Madrid Protocol, a centralised system for trademark owners to protect...

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