Meeting with Don Bosco Technological College


On the 6th of January 2017,  the GTDEE team led by Mr. Markus Hoffmann, GTDEE Director, Dr. Kamonsak Suradom, GTDEE Senior Project Manager and Mr. Katiphot Kanoknorrasade, GTDEE Senior Consultant attended a meeting with the heads and representatives from various departments of Don Bosco Technical College Bangkok. The following people were present.

1.    Francis Wichai Srisura – Head of Dual Vocational Training
2.    Mr. Parinya Chaicharoen – Head of Mechanics Department
3.    Mr. Pibul Chaopet – Head of Automotive Mechanics Department
4.    Mr. Sirapong Prasuriyatung – Representative from Electrics Department

The topics of the meeting included a GTDEE Examination Workshop for Trainers between the 21st - 22nd of January 2017, a GTDEE Examination Workshop for the Examiner Board on the 4th of February 2017, and examinations for Mechanics, Logistics, Electric Power, Electronics  Automotive Mechatronics and Agriculture Mechanics apprentices between March - April 2017. The main discussion covered topics such as the preparation for examinations, venues, materials and candidates, who will be involved in examining apprentices.